Ever had that  ‘WTF?’ feeling that makes you want to slap someone the moment you come across a piece of their advice that is just pure bullsh*t?

Well, I had that feeling recently when I came across a respected blog advising people to quit their jobs if they don’t like them.

I had just had a pretty frustrating week at work. Each day after work that week, I could not find the will nor energy to sit and work on my side hustle.

Try as I may, I  just could not shake that feeling of frustration that comes when you are disappointed with yourself.

As I sat with my hands on my face, it crossed my mind that there are other people building businesses from home on the sidelines of full-time jobs who faced the same challenges I was facing.

I decided to do a search on what to do when frustrated at work so that I could help myself as well as pass the information to you.

As I scrolled down the Google search results, this link below hit me on the face.

I was like what the fu*k? Who advises somebody to quit their job if they don’t like it?

Like seriously? Just quit?

So instead of looking more into how to deal with frustrations at work (which I will do at a later date) I decided to dig deeper into Holstee.

As it turned out, I liked the work that the brothers Dave and Mike Radparvar do at Holstee.

I normally don’t read emails sent en masse, but I actually now look forward to the email from Holstee.

This is despite the fact that these two brothers dish two thick chunks of bullshit in their manifesto, the inspired document that launched their t-shirt business.

The Holstee Manifesto

Notwithstanding how it smells, let us dissect this bullshit so that those of us with full or part-time jobs that are thinking of starting a side business, or are already running one, don’t jeopardize the side business’ chances of success by following this advice.

You Are The X Factor, Not Your Job

First of all, if you do not like your job, your unhappiness or dislike for your job has nothing to do with the job itself.

It has everything to do with you.

Instead of quitting, why don’t you search within yourself to find why you are unhappy.

You could quit the present job that you don’t like and find another one, but what guarantee do you have that you will not dislike something about the new job?

Now if you don’t like the new job, you gon’ look for another one?

Till when?

Like Jon Kabat-Zinn said, wherever you go, there you are.

YOU are the X factor, not the job. So it matters not what job you are in, the unhappiness is in you and will follow you wherever you go.

Best you find the source of that unhappiness and deal with it.

Frustration & Lack of Contentment Is Native To A Job…Any Job

A job working at a business or company that belongs to somebody else or some other entity is never optimized for the happiness of the worker.

It is optimized for the profitability of the enterprise.

Your contentment and satisfaction are secondary, no, they are tertiary, to the profitability of the company your work. It doesn't matter what the company leadership says.
The sooner you and I understand this, the better placed we are to deal with whatever frustrations are baked into our roles.

You, therefore, can not afford to buy into such bullshit as; if you don’t like your job, quit.


That is just plain stupid.

If you do not like your job, use your dislike for that job as fuel to drive you into building your own business.

Some folks will say that not everybody is meant to have their own business. Well, tough beans for those people.

Theirs is a destiny of slavery. This post is not for them.

Bullshit Taken To A Whole New Level

After reading the Holstee Manifesto, I searched to see who else was spreading this nonsense.

I came across a post on Lifehack. A very respectable platform.

Quit your job if you don’t like it no matter what?

What if no-matter-what is the fact that somebody is 40 years old, has three dependent kids, has a sick husband who hasn’t worked in 5 years and the economy is in such a shitty shape getting a new job is next to impossible?


Who in their right mind tells people to quit their jobs if they don’t like them no matter what?

While this kind of bullcrap advice can, to some extent, apply to single people with no responsibilities besides their own welfare, I don’t see how a grown ass man or woman can take this kind advice seriously.

I think this digital nomad lifestyle is getting to people’s heads too much.

Why You Should NOT Quit Your Job When Building A Side Business

Your Job Pays Your Bills

This one goes without saying.

You have bills to pay and if your job is paying them wouldn’t it be foolish to quit it. Whether you like the job or not is beside the point in this case.

One of the fatal mistakes that resulted in me losing my business when it was making $1.5 million per year is because I quit my job too soon.

You need your full-time job to pay your bills and fund your lifestyle while the side business grows.

Unless you have a thick stash of cash reserves to live on for 3 years without living off the profits from your business, you will be foolish to quit your job.

Your Job Funds Your Business

Starting any business requires cash.

Many people intending to get into one online business or another wrongly think that they do not require cash.

Lots of cash might not be needed but some cash is certainly required. If you have a job you can use your work income to fund the growth of your business.

You Hate Your Job

Like I said above, your hate for a job has nothing to do with the job.

It’s got everything to do with you.

Use your hate and dislike for your job as fuel to drive harder into building your business. This is one of the rare instances when hate is a good thing.

You Need The Benefits

If your job has a decent enough benefits package, then if you just quit like the bullsh*t advisers say, then you are pretty much fuc*ked should you need pay for some medical emergency or another.


If you absolutely cannot stay in your current job, and your side business hasn’t grown to the point where it can sustain you without stagnating, or worse still, dying, then get busy looking for another one.

Leaving a job you do not like for one reason or another, real or perceived, should only be done when you have another one lined up ready to go.

Quitting your job without having another one lined up when your side business is still in its infancy is like you strangling your newborn child.

You won’t get arrested, but the business will die.

So don’t do it.

Your Take

What do you think? Would you advise your best friend, colleague or child to just quit their job if they do not like it or if they are so-called unhappy?

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