You Wanna To Talk Me?

Sure, why not? I absolutely love to hear from you.

Just a little heads up though.

Given the fact that I work 7 days on 12 hour shifts and 7 days off, if you send an email during the week I am on shift, chances are I won’t be able to reply within 24 hours. I promise to do so within 48 hours though.

Here is my full-time work schedule. The dates shaded blue are the ones I am not working therefore I am available to respond almost immediately or within a few hours depending on what the hell is going on.

The dates shaded red are the ones I will only be able to respond within 48 hours as I will be working for the The Man. (I love my Man. Don’t get me wrong) Did that come out politically correct? Ahhh who cares!

Just shoot me the email or link up on Facebook.

Shoot Me An Email

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Facebook Message Me

Send me message via Facebook Messenger. I will get back to you ASAP (As Soon As Humanely Possible)

Snail Mail

Sorry I won’t answer that sh*t.

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