Do you know the #1 reason most aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs don’t get started?

And do you know the #1 reason why those people who have started blogs don’t do the multitude of things needed to build their blogs into real businesses?

Lack of time. That is their reason.

Whilst the majority of people complain about their lack of time, have you ever wondered where some people get the time to build a business and raise a family while at the same time having successful corporate careers?

Well, wonder no more.

What’s Up With Sacrificing Sheep? In Biblical times the animal that was sacrificed to please God was the most loved of all animals. A baby sheep. A lamb. Jesus is often referred to as the lamb of God because God (his father) sacrificed him on the cross. So, in essence, you get to sacrifice something that you love in order to get something better. The something better you will get out of sacrificing the things in this post is time to build your business. 

This post is going to show you exactly what sheep you must sacrifice, or in simple English, what things you must sacrifice, to create the time you need to build your business while working full-time and probably also raising a family.

Lamb Sacrifice Create Time For Business

I always say that anybody who tells you that building a business online is easy and needs little time or effort must have his or her anus sealed.

I mean it. I really do.

A lot of time has to be invested in building a business. Especially at the beginning, and most especially if building the business involves doing a shit-load of stuff you have no skills or experience doing.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to create the time you need to put your business’ essential pieces in place while at the same time learning the new skills you need to grow the business.

I am going to show you some places from which you can borrow time, some from which you can steal time, and some from which you can reclaim time so you have enough in your time tank to build your business.

A word of caution…

Some of the things I am going to suggest you do to create time for your business will not be popular with many people.

Especially your family.

So I suggest you talk to them before you dive in, not so much to get their buy-in, although this would be nice to get, but to let them know that’s what’s up.

Tough love is a necessary ingredient for success building a business, so be prepared to apply it with liberal generosity.

Just the other day I received a video email from the iconic Ezra Firestone in which he was preaching the importance of balance, sleep and rest to avoid entrepreneurial burnout.

While his advice is true for him and others at his level of business growth – $25 million per year revenue from multiple e-commerce businesses –  it is bullshit advice to somebody just starting out.

It really is

You’ve heard of Jon Morrow?

I had never heard of the guy until two days ago. If you are going to build a successful content-based business, look him up and read everything he has put up.

You will thank me for linking you up with him.

His blog, smartblogger.com does over $100,000 per month in revenue.

This is what he wrote in a guest post he did for Problogger that has been read by over 1 million people worldwide.

Look at what I’ve marked with orange rectangle.

Jon Morrow

That there is the naked and ugly truth.

If you’re not willing to go balls-to-the-walls like that when you get started, then your chances of building something remarkable hover dangerously close to zero.

You see, living a life with the freedom of flexibility to do what you want, where you want, when you want and with whom you want comes at a price.

A very steep price.

My country of birth, Zimbabwe, achieved freedom from its colonizers in 1980. That freedom came through the sacrifice of thousands upon thousands of Zimbabwean men and women who died during the war of liberation in the 60s.

So like any other freedom, yours too will come at a price.

The question you must be prepared to answer is: are you willing to pay that price?

Before we dive into 16 things you must sacrifice in order to pay the price to create the time you need to build your business, I would like to humbly ask you to get yourself into the right frame of mind by watching this short video.

Alright, let’s get into it.

Here is your list of the sheep you must kill in order to create the time you need to build your business.

#1: Sleep

The first thing you need to do in order to create time to build your business is ditch that you-need-8-hours-of-sleep bullsh*t.

You don’t need 8 hours of sleep. Not if you meditate.

You will come across research saying you need 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Rubbish that research and make the sacrifice to sleep way less than that for a year or two. You won’t die and you won’t certainly be sleep deprived if you meditate.

There are tonnes of research supporting the fact that you actually won’t need as much sleep if you meditate. Here is one of sleep expert saying the same thing.

Meditation Create Time For Business

Remember you won’t have to go with little sleep until your dying days if you build a solid business around your blog or podcast.

If you don’t build a solid business, there will be more reasons than lack of sleep making you sleep a few hours in coming years.

Being broke while saddled with debt being one of them.

So there you are. I’ve said it and will say it again.

Sleep a lot less and use the time gained to build your business.

Anybody who says anything different while enjoying the freedom of flexibility that comes from having a successful online business must just shut the f*** up and enjoy the fruits of their sleepless days and nights years ago.

And anybody who says you can’t sacrifice sleep yet they don’t have the freedom of flexibility that comes from having a successful online business can go hang themselves.

You do what you gotta do.

Bottom Line: Sleep a lot less and use the time gained to build your business. Meditate to compensate for the loss of physical sleep.

#2: Sh*t Chatting With Colleagues At Work

Becoming super productive at work gives you the power to negotiate flexible work schedules with your superiors if your work is such that it can be done on a flexible schedule.

It also sure gives some ‘free’ time during work hours to sneak in some minutes into your business. Using your personal tablet or phone of course.

Becoming a productivity monster means doing away with non-core work related chit-chat with co-workers. It also means being super protective of your time at work.

Without being a dick or a bitch, let everybody know that you are at work to make money for the company and you mean business.

So no unplanned visits to your workspace, no sh*t-chat phone calls and certainly no bullsh*t meetings.

Utilize productivity tools to help you. There is a tonne of them you can use for emails, time tracking, getting stuff done and more.

Find what works for you and use it.

Being super productive does also have an important side benefit. It frees time for you to meditate more during work hours, something that makes you even more focused in your work execution and does a lot to compensate for the lost sleep.

#3: TV

I don’t know about you but I used to love binge-watching TV series on Netflix and HBO.

Not anymore.

And if it was up to me, I would have cut off those time suckers but I had to make concessions with the family so I could do some of the very unpopular things discussed later to create time.

Check these stats out.

Americans watch an average of 5 hours of TV per day while Canadians watch slightly lower at about 4.5 hours. This is crazy. No wonder people are getting fat and they have no time for much else! They are watching too much damn TV!

Now you tell me, is there no time to build a business outside work?

Check out the table below. Just take a look at the amount of time the so-called black people spend watching TV.

Being one of them, I’m disgusted. 😟😟

I mean seriously, what group of people watches TV for 7 hours a day and expect to get ahead? This is plain fu*ked up.

While the Europeans and Australians do a much better job protecting their time from TV compared to the North Americans, they’re not that much better good at it either.

Bottom Line. If you’re watching more than 10 minutes of TV a day, stop. Game of fu*king Thrones, Empire, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Hockey, etc etc. Stop watching those shows and every other show on TV or online. Invest the time in building your business.

#4. Listening To Music/News During Commute

Most people who live in urban areas commute to work either in their own vehicles on using public transit. Either way, I am still to see somebody who drives with nothing playing on their radio.

Or anybody who rides a subway train or any other mode of public transport without having earphones, headphones or reading a newspaper.

If you play music, surf the net, watch TV or do anything else during your commute other do training related to your business then please quit it!

Commute time is prime time for training.

Building a business involves a tonne of training to gain new skills and be up to date with what’s goin’ on in your industry. Commute time is a fantastic time to get the training done.

Here are some suggestions on where your commute time should go.

  • Read top blogs
  • Read emails from the top blogs that you used that fake email address to sign into to steal ideas from.
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Meditate
  • Go over your plan for what you will do today
Bottom Line: Use your commute to train on new skills you need to build your business or do some other business building activity. Not listening to music.

#5. Visiting Relatives & Friends On Weekends

Stop visiting friends and relatives after work or during weekends.

Yeah, yeah I know this sounds bad.

But sounding bad and being bad are two different things.

It’s not bad to use the time you could be using visiting people to build your business. As long as your friends or relatives are not sick or dying, there is NO need to visit them during the growth stage of your business.


Bottom Line: Don’t waste valuable time visiting with friends and relatives after work, on weekends or during your days off. Instead, use that time to build your business.

#6: Eating Out With Family

O-ooooo this is a sensitive one but I’m sure you know that eating out wastes money.

Now I’m here to humbly tell you that eating out wastes a tonne of time as well.

If you gonna eat out, you will have to dress up a bit, travel to the eatery, wait for your meal, eat and travel back home. That’s a lot of time wasted!

If you have to eat out why not just order-in so you suffer just one waste. Money.

Family Eating Out Create Time For Business

If your spouse insists on eating out, divorce him/her. If the mother-in-law sides with her son/daughter, kill her.

Problem solved.

That’s a joke there by the way. I’m crazy I know. But certainly am not that crazy. But you do get my point right?

If you don’t, well… here is the link to get onto Dr. Phil’s show. You need help.

#7: Kid’s Activities

Ok, this is another big and sensitive one. As a parent with kids, I know the huge amounts of time us parents invest in taking our kids to events of one kind or another.

This here is the stone cold fact though.

If your son or daughter is of school going age and has not displayed the talent that Beyonce, Michael Jordan, Sidney Crosby, Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, Serena Williams, Dr. Dre or Bill Gates had at your son or daughter’s current age, there is 100% chance your son or daughter does NOT have the talent level of these people.

So if there is no talent to nurture in a particular activity for a child, time spent at that activity is better spent elsewhere.

So save your time.

If there is nobody else who can take them to games or events, don’t take them thinking you are doing them a favor.

You are not. What you are doing is wasting time.

Use the time you could be wasting taking them to games and events they have no talent in to build a business that you can sell or give them when they come of age.

Both my girls don’t display any talent for sport so I don’t waste my time putting them in sports. My wife does take them to certain activities but as long I don’t see talent in the activity, I don’t waste time taking part.

Cold hearted? Maybe.

But that’s how she rolls man. For now at least.


Bottom Line: Don’t take part in kids activities. Kids’ activities are definitely a sheep you should sacrifice to make time to build your business. Don’t worry, if they have sense, one day they will thank you. If they grow up to not have sense, well, you did a good thing to not invest your time on them than was necessary.

#8: Family Activities

For us in the part of North America where winters are cold and long, summertime is a great opportunity to travel, have family picnics, visit with friends and relatives and in general do all sorts of things that demand a lot of time both inside and outside the home.

We are nearing the end of April as I write this piece and this business is about 2 months old so am I going to doing all the expected summer activities with my family?

The answer is a very big fat NO.

I might do one or two things with the family but I have already put everybody on notice. Daddy will not be there this summer even though he will be there and they all know the reason why.

Whether they agree with it or not is another matter.

Humans haven’t fu*ked up the environment enough to the extent that summer won’t be back next year or the year after next. So I will catch up next year, or the year after next or whenever I will have built the business to the point of autopilot.

Bottom Line: Don’t take part in family activities that require a minimum of 1 hour.

Social Media Create Time For Business

#9: Social Media: 

Even if your business depends on your 6 million followers on social media, you have no business being on social media more than 30 minutes a day.

Hire a virtual assistant to manage your social media presence.

While there is nothing wrong with social media itself, there is everything wrong with people building businesses on the sidelines of full or part-time jobs spending inordinate amounts of time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

Time spent on social media is time that could be spent on business building activities.

Bottom Line: Seriously cut down on social media time. Don’t quit cold turkey,  I heard the withdrawal symptoms are fatal.

#10: Shopping

While there is no way around personal and family errands and responsibilities, it goes without saying that shopping is one of the worst offenders when it comes to wasting time.

Ladies know what I’m talking about. Guys in heterosexual relationships also know what I’m talking about.

When shopping involves children, well, the amount of time needed to shop just about goes through the roof. For this reason, my wife and I have divided shopping responsibilities.

She shops for herself and the kids and I shop for groceries and everything else around the house.

My grocery shopping list is created to correlate with the grocery store aisles so I don’t waste time. And when I am pushing the shopping cart/trolley, I move at a near sprint speed so folks better get out of the way when they see me coming.

My shopping time is 20 minutes tops.

If I have other errands I need to run, I make sure everything is mapped out before I leave the house to avoid trying to figure out things on the fly.

Bottom Lines:

  • If you’re a lady, don’t try out more than 2 outfits to see the best one. Make a decision and be done with it. Pleease.
  • If you’re a man with a spouse, don’t shop with her.
  • If you are an unattached male, go to the mall once every 3 months. lol

#11: Attending Sporting Events

Football Game Create Time For Business

Americans and their baseball, hockey, basketball and their football. Canadians with their hockey, their hockey, and their hockey and Europeans with their soccer, their soccer, and their soccer.

All Class A time wasters.

Unless your business is actually based on sports, you have no business wasting time traveling to, and sitting through a sports game.

The same applies to watching the games on TV.

I’ll admit to watching the NBA finals and the Super Bowl but that is all.

Does my life suck? Not really.

I’m just at a place in time when sports are in the class of things that waste time I could be using to build my business. Until I have a business that is consistently generating a certain level of income, I have no business sitting on my ass watching a bunch of multi-millionaires make money plying their craft.

Bottom Line: Don’t waste time going to sporting events or watching sporting events on TV. Not before you have a profitable business running.

#12: Attending Events

Summertime community BBQs, baby showers, parties, music festivals, parades and other small and large-scale city events don’t just waste your time.

These events also put you at the real risk of being shot (remember Las Vegas). Or being run over by a truck (remember Toronto).

Or just blown the f*ck up (13 Nov 2015 in Paris, Boston Marathon) by some crazed up motherfu*ker who has a bone to chew with society.

Bottom Line: Don’t attend events. Save your time and save your life. It’s just that simple. Sh*ts’ crazy out there.

Paris Terror Attacks Create Time For Business

#13: Talking On The Phone

I recently read a post by Ramit Sethi in which he talked about a guy he was on a speaking panel with who has just a total of 50 carefully selected people he talks to based on the value they bring to his life and business.

Now that’s real gangsta!

Every year this guy deletes some people and adds some because as his business has grown, he finds that taking meetings, both in person or on the phone, with everybody who wants to meet or talk to him is an exercise in time mismanagement.

I don’t have many friends so I don’t talk on the phone a lot.

If you do talk on the phone a lot, consider taking buddy’s approach above. Here is the link to the story on Ramit’s blog, I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Bottom Line: Don’t spend too much time on the phone than is necessary. Get to the point and move on with it.

#14. Vacation Time

Do you have vacation time planned?

If you don’t, great. Don’t plan one.

If you do, cancel it.

Going on vacation has its benefits but bank those benefits for later. Right now be ruthless and dedicate your life and soul to building your business.

Anybody who disagrees can go to hell and vacation with the Devil himself.

Bottom Line: Don’t go on vacation for a year or two until your business is growing and generating good income. You define what ‘good’ is.

Vacation Create Time For Business

#15. Surfing the Net

I don’t know if there are still people who just surf the net for no reason. If you are looking to start a business online, I would like to believe that you have evolved past this flip-phone age type behavior.

In the event that you still surf the net for any reason other than building your business, then stop it.

Bottom Line: Quit it. Don’t be a schmuck.

#16. Church

I have saved the best for last.

Going to and spending time in church is a major waste of time. Time that you could be using to build a business.  A business whose profits you could be using to help the homeless, orphans, or the other people that Jesus said need to be helped.

So stop wasting time going to church.

God loves rich people more than he does poor or broke people whether or not the rich folk go to church. And He certainly loves gold more than he loves even you and me so stop farting around going to church thinking you will please God.

You won’t.

Use the time you would have been in church to build a business and get rich instead. Then use your money to help people who are disadvantaged. God appreciates that more than seeing you in church.

Bottom Line: Don’t go to church. The weekend hours are prime time for building your business. Wasting the weekend by going to church is being irresponsible, to say the least.


There you have it.

16 practical things you could start doing today to create time. Time that you can use to build your business. Do you feel I have covered everything or are there other ways that I could have included on this list?

Let me know below.

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