What I Believe

ON INCOME: I believe the building of income-generating systems or solution pipelines independent of one’s formal employment should be the goal of every reasonable man, woman, and child. Like Kobbi in George Classon’s Richest Man in Babylon said, you need an income that constantly keeps your purse (bank account) full.

Childhood friends Bansir & Kobbi having a chat. (Adapted from The Richest Man in Babylon)

ON WORKING FOR OTHERS: I believe that no man or woman of sound mind should be proud of a job in a company that he or she does not own. It matters not how much money anybody earns in a job within somebody else’s business.

As long as somebody else owns the wall (company/business) upon which the ladder of your career is resting, and you have no itch to build your own wall, you are a modern-day slave. It’s just that simple.

ON MEDITATION: I believe meditation is the ONLY ONE practice that when cultivated, leads to achievement that gives true meaning to life. Like Tim Ferris said in Tools of Titans;

“it is a meta-skill that improves everything else.”

I believe that YOU are the X factor in your business, in your full-time work and in your family. You, therefore need to be at your best in all three areas.

Meditation guarantees that.

ON WORK-LIFE BALANCE: I believe that trying to achieve work-life balance is a fool’s game. Like the billionaire real estate titan Gary Keller says in his book, The One Thing:

“The reason we shouldn’t pursue balance is that magic never happens in the middle; magic happens at the extremes.”

Building a business on the sidelines of a full or part-time job is mighty hard work so if somethings are going to be sacrificed, then so be it.

One’s gotta do what one’s gotta do.

Courtesy of The One Thing

ON OPPORTUNITIES: I believe the human race is living in times of unprecedented opportunities to accumulate wealth due to the unprecedented number of problems that require solutions.

My mission with this platform is to help people in full or part-time jobs in the building of pipelines/businesses that effectively are conduits to channel solutions to these problems.

Side Hustle Pipelines Building


If you identify with any one or more of my beliefs, I would love to have you join me in building a community of like-minded people.

Our singular focus is building side businesses whose growth and profitability will get us to a position where we can keep working for others out of choice and love for what we do at those companies. Not because we have no other income generating options, for, in my book, that is just a fuc*ed up shituation to be in.

Are you in or are you out?

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